Gift, Travel, & Entertainment

Drive increased accountability, transparency, and compliance with essential internal and regulatory standards for employee gifts and T&Es

The Importance Of Screening Vendors

Notice problems sooner and improve T&E policy adherence with a robust and easy process.

Gift, travel & entertainment requirements are notoriously problematic:  they’re too often an afterthought for employees and therefore a draining and ongoing game of chase for managers and HR leaders. Solve both problems with a simple to use, robust GT&E platform that reveals problems and automates the rest.

Make it easy for employees to report and adhere to T&E standards and inform you of what matters so you can take action

Who likes dealing with T&E problems more, employees or managers and HR leaders?

Ask both, and they can argue who dislikes it most! But gift, travel & entertainment standards are essential to ensure ethical business conduct and compliance with regulations. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. With a single platform you can request verification, compile proof, reveal inconsistencies, and prove compliance across every division, location, and employee.

Easily create, schedule, request, collaborate, and report on the unique information you need within a single platform.

  • Dynamic, customized user interface available on any device
  • Easy, powerful administrator portal to monitor and take action
  • Automatic deadline, exception, and follow up notifications to concerned parties
  • Secure two-way communication without changing applications
  • Document upload saves you time and improves adherence

A single platform for everyone, available 24/7

Healthcare Compliance Programs
Save time and focus on what you do best
Credential Screening & Monitoring
Drive better engagement by automating the process

Easy to launch and track

Choose from pre-built templates to launch a consolidated GT&E solution in days instead of months. By tracking total responses, summarizing key findings, and enabling cross-tabulated analysis with expansive fields and follow-up notes you can get the data you need without bothersome coding and custom development.

At-A-Glance Analytics

Built-in analytics give you a dashboard level view of participation, data quality, and program effectiveness to identify key trends and gaps. Position, location, and other meta data compiled automatically put you in the know.

Fully Customizable Training
Proactively protect your organization against risk

Learn essential approaches and best practices to achieve data-driven decisions fueled by a transparency culture

Get going faster with a specialized Disclosure Program