Ending Workplace Sexual Harassment

Counter subversive and repugnant harassment with meaningful training content. Draw a line in the sand and make it clear to your workforce what you do and do not consider acceptable conduct.

Training to Reflect Your Values

Our training videos can be configured to meet your needs so the anti-harassment message of your organization is synced with what’s on the screen.

We Care Just Like You Do
Fully Customizable Training

Award Winning Training Videos

Check out our award-winning video content in our Preventing Discrimination & Harassment Suite. You will find these interactive videos engaging as you are presented with the option of choosing what the on-screen characters do next.

Build a Positive Healthy Workplace

Proactively tackle the sort of toxicity harassment takes root in with training options to promote positive work environments. Consider our workplace civility training module which helps your workforce learn how to assume positive intent in their interactions.

Credential Screening & Monitoring

Sparks Training Videos

Keep your annual workplace and sexual harassment training top of mind among your workforce with short vlog-style videos to directly address these issues.