Enterprise & Corporate Compliance Services

Scalable, highly configurable solutions for complex, world-class organizations.

Ethico offers corporations a variety of scalable and configurable compliance services, helping organizations of any size meet industry standards and protect their customers, their employees, and their companies.

Corporate Compliance Programs

Corporate compliance is an essential element of every successful business. An organization that complies with industry standards and regulations – as well as state and federal law – can better serve both its clients and its employees. Enforcing and emphasizing compliance in your workplace can help protect customer data, prevent employee misconduct, and even help save your company from costly fines and lawsuits.

At Ethico, we know that effective corporate compliance is only possible with the right program. That’s why our corporate compliance software is fully scalable, and why we will work with you to design a compliance solution that meets your company’s needs. Whether you need a third-party team to help you conduct employee screenings or a brand-new training curriculum for new hires, our team can make it happen!

Ethico takes an in-depth approach to ethics in business, covering sanction screenings, hotline services, compliance software and training, and everything in between.

Corporate Compliance Programs
Corporate Sanction Screenings

Corporate Sanction Screenings

Some industries require organizations to regularly monitor their employees, checking for expired licenses, sanctions, exclusions, and other problems that could preclude them from working. This process is often lengthy and tiresome – but Ethico’s SanctionCheck software platform can make it much easier. This program allows you to screen employees and eliminate risks quickly and automatically, so you don’t have to waste man hours or resources on your sanction screenings.

Ethico’s sanction services offer many benefits, including:

  • Unified Platform: You can check all industry-relevant databases with one state-of-the-art, user-friendly program.
  • Low Error Rate: SanctionCheck has one of the lowest error rates in the industry – helping you feel confident that you’ve effectively mitigated your company’s risk.
  • Less Hassle: This program is simple to use and runs on its own, giving you the freedom to get back to other tasks while the software conducts your screenings.
  • ActionCheck Guarantee: Our $5 million ActionCheck guarantee promises that our program will help your business identify and mitigate risks successfully – even if your industry requirements are constantly changing.

Compliance Hotlines for Corporate Enterprises

Identifying workplace misconduct can be an incredibly difficult task, as much of it happens behind closed doors. Your employees need a way to seek recourse against colleagues who behave inappropriately in any way, and Ethico is proud to give them that option. Our hotline services give employees an outlet to report misconduct safely and anonymously, which can help build a culture of compliance and a better working environment for all.

Ethico’s hotline services offer:

  • 24/7/365 Coverage with a Live Operator: Our team is always available, always live, and never outsourced. We have a staff of caring and highly trained Compliance Analysts waiting to take your employee’s calls!
  • Premiere Technology: Our top-tier technology allows you to access reports online, via text, and even through our intuitive mobile app, which allows you to stay abreast of any misconduct claims within your organization.
  • Urgent Routing & Escalation: We know that reports of misconduct and non-compliance are serious – and that they require a timely response. Our team will quickly direct reports to the appropriate department without disclosing the employee’s identity.
  • Guaranteed Quality Control: At Ethico, we provide our clients with the utmost in quality service – and nowhere is that more apparent than in our hotline services. We know that your employee hotlines should never be less than perfect, and therefore we guarantee 100% quality control with this service.
Compliance Hotlines for Corporate Enterprises

Corporate Compliance Training Programs

Most businesses want to foster a culture of ethics and compliance – and achieving this goal starts with employee training. Our experts have taken an intuitive approach to compliance training, offering our clients informative training programs that resonate with your trainees.

Don’t worry about employees daydreaming (or worse, sleeping) through their training anymore! Our services will help make compliance training engaging and memorable, with unique features like:

Gamification & Interactive Courses
Get your employees’ attention with entertaining and engaging training modules. Trainees can learn industry compliance standards and company policies through games, interactive videos, and much more.

Bite-Sized Training
Whether you’re training new hires or alerting your current team of a policy change, sometimes the best training is short and sweet. Our service offers five- to eight-minute “episodes” for each training topic, giving your employees a chance to view and review compliance standards at their leisure.

Customizable Options
At Ethico, we know that no two organizations are exactly alike – so why would you use a cookie-cutter training program? Our programs are fully customizable and easy to use, so you can create the best training for your team.

Equipping Ethical Professionals

Your learners don't have to feel like you're wasting their time - give your people a fresh approach to compliance training

How frustrating is it to compile and distribute your required learning modules only to have people snooze through or, worse, avoid them?

Gamified, Modern, Interactive Courses

Learners are engaged by courses with interactive videos, relevant scenarios, integrated games, and rewards.

Enterprise Compliance Training
Play Video
Training Episodes
Play Video

Bite-Sized Episodes

All generations will enjoy the familiar TV-series format that uses five to eight-minute broadcast-quality episodes.

Fully-Customizable Training

You can easily and cost-effectively customize the text, graphics, audio, and video in our courses to suit your organization.

Credential Screening & Monitoring
Play Video

Select, customize, and create the right course for your audience on every topic

Countless scientific studies show the comparative effectiveness of interactive, engaging, relevant, and updated e-learning courses versus old-school text-heavy slides with a voice-over.

Leverage our robust library of world class content. Or increase relevancy when you overlay your own policies, local culture, and stories for a custom learning experience.

Select, customize, and create the right course for your audience on every topic
Training & Communications

Move past compilation and administration to focus on training effectiveness

Your training efforts are a critical element in your overall compliance effectiveness. But as you try to do more, it seems there’s always a hitch that slows you down: clunky content requests, cumbersome platform administration, or inviting and tracking completion across platforms.

With Ethico’s integrated Training & Communication solutions you can count on:

  • Easily selected content from a robust learning library
  • Direct integration with our core or your existing LMS
  • Multiple options to customize and integrate course content into your other efforts
  • Easy invitations, reminders, and tracking of learner completion rates.
  • Generate reports according to course or department and access these reports through our web or mobile reporting functionality.
  • Enhanced effectiveness with Issue Management integration and micro-learning refresher options

Explore your options for a learning strategy that’s right for you.

Engaging learning, not just force-fed trainings. With Ethico you get comprehensive compliance training

You can keep yours or use our Award-winning LMS

  • Launch on our integrated learning management system, or tie our library directly into your existing system.
  • All courses can be distributed with user-level invites, progress tracking, and auditable completion rates.
  • Use the best training integrated directly into whatever system works best for your compliance leadership.
We Care Just Like You Do
A true extension of your team
Fully Customizable Training
Our team has the lowest turnover in the industry

Content is King

  • The right policies and lessons only make a difference if learner’s pay attention to and remember them.
  • Access a comprehensive Library with both continually updated relevance and lessons expertly crafted to drive engagement.
  • Compound your effectiveness by integrating policy and incident examples directly into lessons.

Engaging Training, Empowering Data

  • With curated, attention-grabbing lessons you can focus on managing outcomes.
  • Easily audit and report on participation and completion for every module.
  • Integrate with and cross-reference against incident reports and amplify your ROI across several compliance tools.
Fully Customizable Training
We simplify the intake process