Vendor Sanction Screening

Accountability and due diligence has never been this easy. Ethico offers Vendor Sanction Screening that covers all of your bases. Ensure you are in compliance with AML laws and don’t run afoul of regulators. Guarantee your organization’s reputation with our $5 million ActionCheck guarantee.

Simplify and Save Time

Cut out wasted time spent checking vendors and sorting through false positives. A single unified platform automatically checks all relevant databases to ensure your vendors and third parties are risk-free. Our thorough sanction screening process and focus on defending you from false negatives (Type II errors), gives us the lowest error rate in the industry. Not enough? We can also handle the entire process for you with our team of dedicated Account Managers!

Credential Screening & Monitoring

Third Party Accountability

Keep everyone along the supply chain accountable with robust oversight. Ethico’s software automatically updates our lists to stay up with changes made by regulatory agencies. Maximize your vendor ROI and set yourself up for long term partnerships.

Powerful Technology, Expert Analysts

Get everything you need to minimize false positives, eliminate false negatives, and maximize ROI. Let us carry some of the burden and help you meet your requirements for third party risk management.

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Single Unified Platform

Check all relevant databases on a simple unified platform.
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Less Hassle

Simplified analytics, audit trails, and user management puts the power in your hands.

Lowest Error Rate

Risk-calibrated search settings and a focus on Type II errors gives you the best results faster.
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Expert Analysts

Trained to satisfy the highest standards of the healthcare industry, Ethico’s analysts have the most experience of all competing sanction screening providers.

$5 Million Guarantee

Our ActionCheck guarantee ensures consistent results amid ever-changing requirements

Fully Automated

Take control with our user friendly interface that puts you in control, or, let us handle the entire process and deliver you the best partners for you to select at your discretion.