Compliance & Ethics Hotline Services

Ethico offers safe and effective employee hotline solutions that enable your employees to speak up. With 24/7 services and anonymous reporting, we can work together to make the world a better workplace.

Encourage company communication with Ethico's 24-hour hotline services.

At Ethico, we make sure your employee reporting is convenient, anonymous-enabled, and effective. Studies show that a cold, restrictive, or inconvenient check-the-box hotline can be worse than none at all. Experience the best technology paired with the most culture-conscious risk management approach with Ethico’s corporate compliance hotline service.

24/7/365 coverage: every language and every country – anonymous – case management integration

Live Operators: never outsourced and always answered live without long wait queues

Premiere Technology: online reporting access, texting, and mobile app that’s easy to set up, flexible, and intuitive to use

Adaptive Reporting: the most adaptive reporting and call processes available, with highly trained Compliance Analysts taking every call with care for your concerns

Quality Control: the only solution that guarantees 100% quality control, because corners should be cut somewhere else

Intelligent Triage & Routing: route issues to the appropriate person without delay, and without risk of improper disclosure

Urgent Issue Escalation: never worry that a meeting or connection leaves an issue unaddressed

GRC Data Enhancement: full integration with our MyCM case management system, your HRIS, or whatever GRC platform serves you best

Additional services: gain additional support for awareness campaigns and posters, lawyer-led investigations, integrated e-learning, and cultural reinforcement media

Compliance Hotline Solutions

Compliance Hotline Solutions

Every employee should feel safe, welcomed to speak up, and heard if they see something that endangers the workplace. It’s essential to offer flexible, potentially anonymous, reporting solutions across platforms – phone, mobile, web, text, app, etc. These days you need more than just a hotline, but you also need to make sure that the calls that employees do make to your hotline send the right message about your commitment to integrity.

It’s not the 1900s and you don’t get credit anymore for having a phone number for people to call and report. Your process needs to be clear, to be empathetic, and demonstrate your commitment to ethics through its quality, empathy, and reactiveness. A quality suite of hotline, online, in-office, and mobile reporting options tailored to your employee base is a strong step to express your commitment to a safe and equal workplace.

Telephone Hotlines

As an ethics hotline company, our 24/7 hotline is anonymous and available in every country and every language. It is custom-built for ethics issues, 100% quality controlled, and never outsourced – you will not get that anywhere else. It goes beyond the check-the-box deficiencies of Compliance v1.0 to present adaptive interviews that get tailored to the risk level and issue type that’s reported.

Every call is answered quickly, with no call queues, by a live operator trained with interviewing techniques and modern empathetic conversation skills. This is the only way to give your employees and other callers the attention and respect their issues deserve.

From our standard interview technique, you can enhance and customize the process with unique questions asked of each caller and specific directives to handle priority issues, locations, and trends.

From there, every single call and report goes through a rigorous quality control process – and still gets delivered in under two hours (as fast as any other vendor). Once it’s assured that the issue is interviewed, recorded, and routed correctly it gets sent directly to the appropriate party according to any number of custom routing criteria you desire.

Finally, your team can review, investigate and resolve the issue to mitigate risk, protect employees, and build a more ethical culture.

Telephone Hotline
Web & Digital Issue Reporting

Web & Digital Issue Reporting

Whether you manage a digital-native workforce or just recognize the broad need for multi-platform issue intake, web and other digital reporting channels are an essential part of any modern ethics program. Give your employees (and your ethics team!) the most advanced technology in the market across web forms, mobile app, mobile web, and texting.

Launch a highly configured, branded, and intuitive web form in less than a week to allow for safe and secure reporting of (anonymous-enabled) issues, submission of documentation, and secure follow up-to-resolution. With the ability to brand a landing page with your logo, add helpful information and cultural messages, customize questions (and categories, locations, and more!), and intelligently route issues for review you are in control of your reporting.

Go beyond simply offering a digital reporting method. Give you employees a secure, intuitive, and customized web reporting method so they know you care and know you want to hear from them!

Establish an Ethics & Compliance Hotline to Encourage Incident Reporting.

The Value of a Compliance & Ethics Hotline Provider to Your Employees

You care about your organization and its reputation, so you want to make sure that your employees are doing things right. But you can’t solve issues and eliminate risks if you don’t know about them.

A compliance and ethics hotline is an important part of your overall issue intake and case management strategy. It helps foster a sustainable work culture where everyone is encouraged to demonstrate ethical behavior and report any non-compliance they encounter. Some of these violations include:


Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

The most common reports that hotlines receive are workplace bullying or negative treatment by managers or co-workers. Undetected discrimination plays a major role here.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employees who feel like they were addressed, approached, or touched in a sexually inappropriate way are encouraged to make a complaint through the organization’s ethics hotline.

Financial Exploitation in the Workplace

Financial abuse cases range from employees who use business credit cards when buying personal items to employees who engage in suspicious acts that may involve stealing money.
In cases like this and when other violations arise, an anonymous hotline is one of the safest, most convenient ways for people to file complaints and let you know what’s happening in the organization.

The Benefits of Incorporating a Hotline Into Your Business Culture

Compliance and ethics hotline service play a major role in maintaining harmony and encouraging productivity in the workplace. Explore the favorable outcomes of investing in this service:

Foster a Culture of Open Communication

If there’s any wrongdoing or misconduct within your organization that you aren’t aware of, it’s up to the employees who know to report it. A whistleblower hotline encourages a speak-up culture where they can confidently file complaints while staying anonymous.

Correct Misconduct as Soon as Possible

The sooner you know about employee misconduct or other ethical concerns, the quicker you can address the issue. If the concern is related to business finances, a quick response can make the difference between staying in or going out of business.

Understand the Issue Behind the Symptoms

A compliance and ethics hotline is designed to make complaints easier to file and address. More than that, however, the hotline gives you an opportunity to look deeper into reported issues and assess whether your existing policies need revision.

Avoid Ethical Violations and Legal Issues

An anonymous hotline helps you gather more information and solve issues faster while protecting the employees who chose to speak up. As a result, you can address the root of the situation before it blows up or causes more damage to the organization.
Collect and respond to more workplace incidents by giving your employees a safe and private way to report them. With us, you can tailor your compliance and ethics hotline to your business culture.
Why Choose ComplianceLine

Why Choose Us

You want to ensure that all employees follow the code of conduct that governs your organization. The business may be held responsible for the negligent, unethical, and illegal work-related acts of employees who represent the company. But people may hesitate to report these incidents unless they’re sure that their rights and privacy are protected.

As a compliance hotline provider, our anonymous, ethics and whistleblower hotline is designed as a safe way for people to report employee abuse and other unethical work-related incidents to you. As a result, you can act on these incidents quicker, and improve employee safety and satisfaction. Call us today to learn more about our compliance and ethics hotline services.