Healthcare Compliance Services

Helping healers, caretakers, and those who serve them to do no harm.

Healthcare Compliance Programs

Ethico knows that ethics in healthcare is vital for running a successful business. Our healthcare compliance services give you all the tools you need to protect your patients’ information, monitor and screen your healthcare staff, and keep your facility running effectively and by the book.

Ethico’s healthcare compliance solutions include sanction screening, license verification, healthcare compliance training programs, and much more.

Healthcare Compliance Programs
Telephone Hotline

Healthcare Sanction Screenings

Healthcare ethics is all about providing your patients with a safe environment where they can seek care. This means having clean facilities, up-to-date technology, and staff that is both qualified and licensed to practice. How do you know if your team fits the bill? You must conduct regular sanction screenings for all your healthcare staff.

However, sanctions screenings can be time-consuming, and human error can lead to major noncompliance issues or even costly lawsuits. But now, you can mitigate these risks with Ethico’s sanction screening services.

  • In-Depth Screening: Ethico’s seven-step screening process helps you thoroughly monitor your employees so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Low Error Rate: Ethico’s screening process offers one of the lowest error rates in the industry, so you can feel confident in our results.
  • Simple Analytics: Get reports and analytics that are easy to read and understand — all on one user-friendly platform.
  • Expert Advice: Ethico’s team of analysts are some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, and our team is always here for you.

Compliance Hotlines for Healthcare

Despite all your best efforts to promote ethics in your healthcare facility, it’s always possible for misconduct and bad behavior to occur on the job. When this happens, your employees need a way to report the incident, without fear of retaliation or a cover-up.

As a third party, Ethico can be an impartial ear ready to hear (and act on) your employee’s report. Our hotline services will allow your employees to report instances of patient abuse, theft, and other inappropriate behavior.

  • Round the Clock Support: Our team of professionals are available 24/7/365 — just like your healthcare team.
  • Timely Routing & Escalation: Ethico will make sure an employee’s report reaches the right person right away, all while maintaining the employee’s anonymity.
  • Guidance for the Next Steps: Our team of compliance analysts can give you additional support and guidance through investigations, awareness campaigns, and much more.
Background Screening

Medical License Verification

When you interview a medical professional for a job in your facility, you probably take it in good faith that he or she has the qualification they claim to have. However, “good faith” is not enough to meet industry requirements, and therefore you need to verify the individual’s medical license.

This process can be long and tiring — and the consequences for an error can be disastrous for your organization. However, you can make things just a little easier by using Ethico’s medical license verification service, LicenseCheck. This service offers several benefits, including:

All-in-one Platform
LicenseCheck has access to every credentialing body, license, specialty, and exception, allowing you to scan multiple primary sources on a single platform.

Easy Alerts
LicenseCheck offers helpful alerts to keep you in compliance, telling you when a staff member needs to renew their license or when a new hire has a discrepancy with his or her resume.

LicenseCheck is fully compliant with JCAHO and OIG healthcare compliance standards, which means you can be confident that this service will prevent your facility from violating any industry standards.

Healthcare Compliance Training Programs

In an industry as carefully regulated as healthcare, compliance training is a critically important part of your risk mitigation plan. Ethico understands that no two healthcare facilities are exactly the same — and therefore, healthcare staff needs training to understand how to provide the best care to patients at their facility.

Of course, too many of today’s compliance training programs are dry and boring. As a result, some trainees fail to retain the information they learn in their training courses.

Ethico wants to put an end to boring healthcare compliance training. We have used every tool at our disposal to create unique and memorable training tools, including:

Bite-sized Videos
Ethico’s five- to eight-minute, broadcast-quality videos will train your staff on compliance issues without taking too much of their time. This can be a great way to teach concepts in short, digestible sections, and trainees can always return to the videos as a resource.

Games and Rewards
Gamification is one of the fastest ways to get trainees to participate in their training program. Our programs offer a variety of tools you can use to make training more engaging and more effective.

Customizable Training Programs
Our compliance training programs are specially designed to be fully customizable! You can craft the ideal training for the individuals at your office.

Training & Communications

Comply with HHS, HIPAA, BAA, OIG, and all the other acronyms

  • Professionally manage key elements of a compliance program as mandated by HHS
  • Industry-leading solutions and protection for HIPAA, downstream entities / BAA, OIG exclusions, and more
  • Dynamic and scalable software for centralized and distributed compliance teams – whether you’re managing a single location or thousands
  • Expert advice, deep experience, and tailored solutions to manage Conflicts of Interest, monitor Fraud Waste & Abuse, import and track patient incidents, and more

Healthcare Compliance Case Study

A multi-site specialty practice in ophthalmology realized that a piecemeal compliance approach that varied across locations was wasting administrative budget, keeping the compliance team in catch-up mode, and failing to identify problems in quality which were threatening patient care.

They implemented a refreshed and professionally publicized awareness and reporting function with a live answer hotline and specialized online forms. The compliance committee and coordinators at each site were empowered with tools and visibility on a centralized case management platform (MyCM) that allowed people to get input and share best practices across geography. In addition to a fully automated exclusion and license monitoring program, the compliance team is now wasting less time on triage and staying on top of issues. Excitingly, the team is now able to move the needle with key initiatives like employee Exit Interviews and Crisis Planning. In the end, the decision to take action and revamp their approach took longer than the implementation to fix it!

Diagnose and treat all symptoms of risk in your culture

Start with a foundation of Issue Intake & Case Management to accept and compile reports of risks and compliance issues across hotline, online, in-office, and even text messaging.

Integrate OIG sanction screening, state and specialty exclusion checking, SSN Death Master Checks and ongoing licensure monitoring to fulfill your screening obligations and protect yourself from reimbursement clawbacks. Then look for new frontiers of compliance excellence with Awareness Campaigns to build engagement with your employees, Nurse and Patient Lines to identify problems that can cripple your care effectiveness and threaten the health of your patients. Finally, look to Ethico for employee training and Specialty Solutions for Exit Interviews with employees, Inclusivity initiatives, and CrisisLine Response coverage.

The world of Healthcare is as complex as it is important. Caring people with the training and support necessary still must fight everyday against illness, tight budgets, and regulatory requirements. A strong compliance program doesn’t simply aim to prevent regulatory enforcement and prepare a company for eventual audits or lawsuits. It protects reimbursement, identifies key patient and employee challenges, and ultimately supports the quality care that everyone is working toward. Ethico’s suite of compliance services built with care and compliance in mind enable you to make an impact with powerful insights and efficient tools so you can get the right work done, see where your challenges are, and take great care of your employees and patients – all within your budget.