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Stringent Screening & Monitoring

Healthcare ongoing exclusion and sanction screening, and license credentialing monitoring solutions.

Smart Screening and Ongoing Monitoring Solutions for Healthcare

Better monitoring leads to safer healthcare.

We help protect your patients and organization by monitoring your healthcare populations for compliance and licensure risks before they become a problem.

Ethico CARES
The Original Healthcare Exclusion Screening and Monitoring Solution

Running a proper screening and monitoring function that ensures compliance and integrity while safeguarding your patients and organization against risks, hard work to do by yourself.

Through a standardized, flexible, auditable process developed alongside the biggest names in healthcare over the last 20+ years, our bespoke solutions run ongoing sanction, exclusion, and license monitoring to efficiently provide you with the info you need to eliminate risks without overloading your team or wasting your time.

With ever-changing regulations and increasing operational complexity, compliance and HR teams that care need partners who understand their needs and who can be a real extension of their efforts.

Healthcare’s Unique Population Screening & Monitoring Needs require Healthcare-Specific Solutions.

Credential Screening & Monitoring

We are an extension of your team that fights the risk and removes confusion from ongoing screening and monitoring

Limited healthcare resources should not compromise your patients’ safety or your organization’s standing.

  • Full custom initial screening initial screening services
  • Full compliance with OIG, JCAHO, and CMS standards
  • Ongoing searches and monitoring of primary sources
  • Original ongoing healthcare sanction screening solution
  • Over 20 years of healthcare focus serving some of the top names
  • Uncover and monitor risks within your organization while helping keep you fully compliant
  • Balanced automation with direct, human investigation, avoid Type II Errors/False Negatives
  • Balanced technology with human touch-point to actually integrate with your team, develop rhythm
  • Fully secure data transfer and management
  • $5,000,000 Guarantee, largest in industry

With over 20 years of Focus, We Know Healthcare. We Can Help.

Full Offering, Full Solution

Both Licensure Monitoring and Healthcare Exclusion Screening for employees, contractors, providers, referring physicians and vendors. A full solution with options for DIY and full-service.

A Full Solution with Options
A Full Solution with Options
Full Audit Assistance Included

Full Audit Assistance Included

Become Fully Compliant

Provides compliance with the OIG, JCAHO, and CMS’ directives for ongoing monitoring with full access to multiple exclusion, sanction, licensing, and credentialing organization databases. Full audit assistance included.

20+ years of Healthcare Focused Service

Healthcare needs are different from other industries. Extensive experience integrating with large and small organizations alike, and a deeply ingrained healthcare understanding that guides all we do has led us to develop white-glove services that help you focus on what matters most.

20+ years of Healthcare Focused Service
Extensive Experience Integrating with Large & Small Organizations
Reduce Patient & Organizational Risk​

Ensure Unlicensed Entities Are Not Working within Your Facilities

Reduce Patient & Organizational Risk​

Stay audit-ready with the confidence that excluded or unlicensed entities are not working within your facilities, and screen to make sure they never make it in at all.

Episode 12: Get to Know Sanction Screening with Karan and Lucaya

In Episode 12: Get to Know Sanction Screening with Karan and Lucaya we discuss increased databases, higher search speeds, and a dedicated account management team can help you keep your company safe.

Get to Know Sanction Screening with Karan and Lucaya
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High-Quality Solution, Common Sense Pricing

Bottom-up, transparent pricing that gives you the confidence that our high-quality solutions are resource sustainable.

High-Quality Solution, Common Sense Pricing
Transparent Pricing
Automated Monitoring with Adaptive Intelligence
The Industry’s First Exclusion Monitoring Platform

Automated Monitoring with Adaptive Intelligence

Without an expert partner, you risk wasted staff time, improper exclusion decisions, and ultimately fines and government enforcement. Make it easy with the industry’s first exclusion monitoring platform.