Streamline Medical License Checking

Automate your ongoing medical license checking with confidence through real-time primary source verification for all your providers and specialties.

Physicians and Other Practitioners Need Licenses, but Provider Organizations are on the Hook for Giving Them Access to Patients, Mistakes and Expirations

  • Employed, contracted, and affiliated practitioners
  • Physicians, nurses, techs, and more
  • Different standards for states, specialties, and licensing bodies
  • Primary source verification (JCAHO) means manual work
Corporate Compliance Programs
Automated Monitoring with Adaptive Intelligence

License checking is a hard, manual job with potentially disastrous ramifications for an individual mistake

  • Hundreds of potential primary sources
  • Variations in info required or available
  • Hard to track and report on data, effort, and success
  • Increasingly complex web of providers and specialties
  • Sanctions, expirations, and career changes move the target monthly
  • Tech-forward solutions promise the moon and leave the world on your shoulders
  • Expensive to do yourself and more expensive to mess up
  • Small breaks in data, process, or bandwidth can cause huge backups and unaddressed problems

Ethico’s LicenseCheck is a Single Platform for Every Credentialing Body, License, Specialty, and Exception

Fueled by Technology and Powered by Real Experts to Help You
  • Custom-guided scoping and standards review
  • Coverage for every license and source you need
  • Full compliance with all JCAHO and OIG mandates, and additional protection
  • Expert review of exceptions, flagged incidents, and discrepancies
  • Helpful, easy alerts help you focus on renewals and concerns before you’re out of compliance
  • Complete audit trail
  • Dynamic and easy reports for every audience
OIG Exclusion Monitoring
Healthcare Compliance Programs

Cover every physician and provider with a single partner

Ethico’s Mix of Healthcare Expertise & Expert Analysts Keep You Relaxed, Knowledgeable, & More Effective

  • Cover every physician and provider with a single partner
  • Ongoing monitoring and real-time searches to keep you safe
  • Simple to update your roster to stay compliant
  • Clear, actionable notices of problems, concerns and pending renewals
  • Easy to coordinate and report to every team involved
  • Know it’s done and move on

Don’t Wait for a Regulator, Whistleblower or Sanctioning Agency to Tell You Your Healthcare License Monitoring Needs a Tune Up.

Enjoy the confidence and security of healthcare license monitoring powered by modern technology and experienced compliance analysts for the most complete solution available on the market. Consolidate all your physicians, specialists, and licensed providers into a single platform with easy automated reports and helpful analytics to escalate risks and keep the rest out of your way. Make sure you have a partner who conducts a full and thorough process, helps you calibrate your risk exposure, and cares to do the job right.

Credential Screening & Monitoring
Enjoy the confidence and security of license monitoring
Secure, cost-effective solutions focused on the right risks

National License Monitoring

Make Sure You Know the Standards and Expectations of a Good Medical License Verification & Monitoring Program

  • Proactive notification of pending expirations, board actions, or other concerns
  • Primary source verification in compliance with all JCAHO, OIG, and CMS standards
  • National license monitoring of all available state and specialty licenses
  • Option to integrate with Ethico’s SanctionCheck exclusion screening for increased effectiveness and greater administrative efficiency
  • Fully auditable record of prior checks for confirmation and audit response

Intelligent, Adaptive Algorithms Reduce Your Exclusion Workload and Focus on Key Results to Keep You Safer.

LicenseCheck keeps your organization safe and compliant through licensure verification and ongoing monitoring. We provide real-time access to primary source data, allowing your organization to operate with full transparency and confidence that you are in compliance with governing standards and regulations. LicenseCheck is not only verifying that a provider’s license is active, it monitors them for expiration and any status changes such as revoked, suspended, restricted, or placed on probation. Our goal is to become an extension of your compliance program as we save your staff time and help to protect your patients.

Managing disclosures
Keep your organization safe and compliant
Regency Integrated Health Services Advances Anonymous Hotline

Flexible, easy configuration to fit your team

You can’t get this anywhere else.

  • Flexible, easy configuration to fit your team, data needs, and culture
  • Responsive, personal service that helps you get the job done right
  • Fast, guided implementation to make your transition or upgrade painless
  • A deep focus on quality because we care just like you do
  • Simple user interface, workflows, adjustments, and contracts so you can focus on managing your people instead of your vendor