Born to Serve

Founded in 1997 by a group of experienced E&C consultants, Ethico began under the name of Compliance Concepts. The hotline service which would become Ethico was created to fill a need for compliance programs who were frustrated with poor hotline quality. In the beginning there was a primary focus on serving healthcare organizations.

Reputational Growth

After the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley in 2002, there was a greater need for anonymous reporting systems and Ethico’s reputation grew as it fulfilled this need, going beyond healthcare, taking on clients in manufacturing, aerospace, commerce, finance, retail, and many other industries.

Training Episodes
Exclusion/Sanction Screening & Monitoring

Introduction of SanctionCheck

With growth came new services and we developed SanctionCheck to be a screening tool for organizations to protect themselves from individuals sanctioned by any regulatory body.

A New Name

In 2013, the hotline and SanctionCheck were dubbed ComplianceLine and set up to operate as a separate service from Compliance Concepts.

Assessing Corporate Culture and Driving Speak Up Behaviors

A New Beginning

In July 2016, the direction and focus on the company underwent a change as the dynamic brothers, Nick and Giovanni Gallo, took on the reins of leadership and began the journey of growing Ethico into a powerful player in the market of ethics and compliance solutions.

Your people can be your greatest source of risk – or your greatest source of innovation

The Era of Ethico

In 2022, the old-school stigmas surrounding E&C finally began to be overshadowed by the necessity for ethical workplaces, the cultural shift towards empathy, and the incredible work of our peers in the industry. To meet the challenges of the Great Resignation, the Generational Shift, and the hundreds of other factors pushing organizations to better themselves, ComplianceLine rebranded as Ethico. Under this new name, Ethico rededicated itself to providing innovative technology, experienced experts, and empathetic solutions to workplace cultures.