Monitor Compliance & Ethics Application in Your Workplace

We help people who care elevate ethics and compliance to become a driver of their organization’s strategy and brand.

People Need to Report So You Can Do Something

You either have a hotline because you’re required to, or you want one for your organization because you know the benefits it can have on your culture
Organizations that are serious about ethics and compliance need enterprise-level solutions and partners who ‘get it.’ Providing avenues for your people to speak up helps create a sustainable culture that values compliance and ethical behavior in every interaction and touch point. Our common sense intake, in-house E&C only analysts, and smart case management help you identify risks and investigate issues to completion efficiently.
Full Audit Assistance Included
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The Original Healthcare Exclusion Screening and Monitoring Solution
Case management and intake that resonates with ethics & compliance professionals who care, because they were built by ethics & compliance professionals who care.
Our intake methods were built with the needs of your office and team in mind, that is why we can be a true extension of your team and your ethics and compliance efforts.
  • Common sense intake methods (web, phone, text, in-person) with E&C-only, 100% in-house trained agents 24/7/365
  • All cases in one place so you can manage investigations efficiently and drive to root cause
  • Agile workflows drive dynamic responses to support your culture
  • Analytics help identify ethics and compliance risks quickly to drive targeted solutions

Partnership Built on Service

A sherpa shouldn’t leave you stranded on the mountain, and your ethics and compliance partner shouldn’t either. With our long-term focus, we look to earn your faith in our partnership by being a true extension of your team and executing your compliance strategy competently and consistently.
High-Quality Solution, Common Sense Pricing
A true extension of your team
Our team has the lowest turnover in the industry

Quality Ethics & Compliance

Because we don’t outsource any functions, it allows us to maintain quality on all touch-points while ensuring our analysts understand the E&C ethos and what is important to your team. Our in-house team takes E&C calls only and has the lowest turnover in the industry and all reports are quality reviewed to ensure you have the info you need.

No Call Queues Lower Reporter Abandonment

‘You don’t know what you don’t know,’ so it’s critical to reduce the chance for abandonment in the reporting process if we want to get people to speak up, which also reduces the chance for the false sense of security that a difficult intake process can produce.
Compliance focused on people, not useless red tape
We simplify the intake process

Sick of the Status Quo?

There are better options out there (us)! Check out this case study about how some clients found that sometimes the grass is greener!

Internal/Board Reporting That Illuminates

People who care want things done right, and reporting from your case management system should be insightful and actionable. Our integrated platform that is flexible and customized to your organization allows you to drill into details to identify possible systemic ethics and compliance risks and quickly address them.
Select, customize, and create the right course for your audience on every topic
Insightful & actionable reporting
Remove encumbrances to the reporting process

Providing Easy Ways to Speak Up about Ethics Drives Culture of Compliance

Easy intake methods that meet your people where they are by removing encumbrances to the reporting process encourages people to speak up. Over the phone, over the web, over text, or face-to-face, your people can report any time and any way they’re most comfortable. This, coupled with dynamic responsiveness and quicker time to close cases shows your organization’s cohesive commitment to an ethical culture

Adaptive Interviews Drive Reports You Can Take Action On

Each situation is different. That is why our preliminary investigators/intake specialists perform a true adaptive interview to get at the details that someone asking as stock set of 5-10 questions may miss. Getting you the details you need off the bat reduces double work and lets you focus on driving toward a solution, not re-doing the preliminary.
Focus on driving toward a solution

Ethical Organizations are Better

Ethical and compliant organizations are ones that set themselves up for success by elevating compliance as a driver of strategy.

Compliance Officer on Staff Keeps You Ahead of the Compliance Curve

Our ever-changing landscape of compliance and regulatory is difficult to keep up with. That is why our team has an on-staff Compliance Officer who is available to provide guidance, best practices, and insights around new regulations and what they mean for your organization.
A Full Solution with Options
We provide guidance, best practices, & insights
Stack Up To The Stats
We ensure your unique approach

Custom Directives & Severity Notifications Ensure Calls are Handled Your Way

Each organization is different with a different ethos and set of heuristics that govern how things are done. We can ensure your unique approach and workflow is handled on every incident and work with you to achieve your ethics and compliance goals most readily.

Peace of Mind from Partnering with a Team that Understands Your Pain Points

Your unique compliance and ethics needs cannot and should not be met with an out-of-the-box solution that is cumbersome or a team that is inflexible and doesn’t care. Our client-first mentality, deep ethics, compliance knowledge and experience, and long-term focus let you rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.
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Client-first mentality