Sanction Screening Services for Healthcare & Other Industries

Ethico offers screening for sanctions and exclusions, as well as ongoing monitoring for active licenses. Screen the OIG, LEIE, SAM, and hundreds of other exclusion lists to make sure your people are fit to provide services.

Our in-depth screening services are an effective solution to monitoring hidden threats amongst potential employees, vendors, and other partners

For companies that require license monitoring, exclusion, and sanction screening Ethico’s SanctionCheck software platform and expert services efficiently provide you with the info you need to eliminate risks without overloading your team or wasting your time. Monitor your employees, contractors, physicians, and vendors for misbehavior whether you’re in healthcare, finance, or any regulated industry.

One Unified Platform: Automatically check all relevant databases and individuals on one unified platform

Less Hassle: Simplified analytics, audit trails, and user management put you in control with less hassle

In-Depth Screening Process: Avoid surprises with a complete 7-step sanction screening process

Lowest Error Rate: Risk-calibrated search settings and the lowest error rate in the industry make you certain you’ve identified and mitigated the right risks

ActionCheck Guarantee: Get guaranteed success amid ever-changing requirements with our $5 million ActionCheck guarantee

Experts Analysts: Gain confidence from our team of expert Compliance Analysts, an exhaustive review, and the most experience of all competing sanction screening providers

User-Friendly: Simple user interface and user-friendly training

State-of-the-Art Tools: State-of-the-art screening algorithm and machine learning data tools

Guidance: Expert guidance from the most dedicated Account Managers in the world

Why Choose ComplianceLine

Compliance Sanction Screening Solutions

Sanction Screening Software

Single integrated platform for list uploads, sanction comparison searches, results review, audit trails, and more. Drive past data-dumb exact-match searches that charge you full price but put the risk of predictable data anomalies and name variants back on you. Take control of your risk with the most adaptable risk-minded search settings in the industry – and the only algorithm optimized to prevent Type II errors. Bring it all together with streamlined user management, robust reporting, and complete audit trails so you can respond to inquiries when they come up.

Launch a highly configured, branded, and intuitive web form in less than a week to allow for safe and secure reporting of (anonymous-enabled) issues, submission of documentation, and secure follow up-to-resolution. With the ability to brand a landing page with your logo, add helpful information and cultural messages, customize questions (and categories, locations, and more!), and intelligently route issues for review you are in control of your reporting.

Go beyond simply offering a digital reporting method. Give you employees a secure, intuitive, and customized web reporting method so they know you care and know you want to hear from them!

Verification Services

Software-only solutions trick your team into ignoring risks or bury them in time-consuming administrative work. The expert verification services provided by SanctionCheck’s certified Compliance Analysts take the guess-work AND the leg-work off your plate. We complete a thorough 7-step review process including search review, manual agency follow-up to clarify conflicts, and even completing employee attestations so your team only has to deal with identified violations.

When you get a search result from a software-only platform with another provider, the job has only just begun. If you stop there, you’re leaving most of the risk outstanding and hoping a regulator doesn’t enforce the requirement. Maybe worse, your team is left buried under work and confused while they waste time navigating a maze of regulator and government phone and email trails. Leverage our experts and their experience with millions of screening results to get to a clean list faster, with less cost, and minimized risk.

The Original Healthcare Exclusion Screening and Monitoring Solution
Compliance focused on people, not useless red tape
On-Demand Screening Software

If you are used to managing the screening process yourself, our DIY Screening Software gives you access to a full suite of industry-leading technology on the SanctionCheck platform. Upload your own employee data, choose the exclusion and regulator lists to compare to, set your own risk metrics, and run your own searches as frequently as you like and on your own schedule. In addition, you can fully utilize segmented user management, robust admin dashboards, at-a-glance reporting, and robust audit trails so you are in control of your exclusion screening. As an added bonus because Ethico CARES about every client, you’ll have access to our dedicated support and account management teams for advice and troubleshooting support so you’re never struggling through this complex process alone.

Intelligent, adaptive algorithms reduce your exclusion workload and focus on key results to keep you safe.

If You Don’t Get Them Out, Sanctioned Individuals Can Harm Your Business

There are bad people out there who don’t care if they harm patients or threaten your reimbursement. But with so many names and screening results it makes it hard to separate the good from the bad. You’ll bear the cost by overloading your team or allowing risks to go unmitigated unless you get exclusion screening done right.

Make Sure You’re Compliant & Avoid Wasted Effort

Millions of records checked continuously

Monitor thousands of employees, physicians, vendors, etc. in one place

It’s hard to know if you’re doing enough on your own

Thousands of data sources

Slick technology can’t do the whole job

Small breaks in data, process, or bandwidth can cause huge backups and unaddressed problems

Equipping Ethical Professionals

Ethico’s SanctionCheck Sanction Screening System Mixes Powerful Technology and Expert Analysts to Put You in Control of Your Risk, Work, and Budget.

Intelligent, adaptive algorithms reduce your exclusion workload and focus on key results to keep you safe

  • Automatically check all relevant databases and individuals on one unified platform with simplified analytics, audit trails, and user management.
  •  Avoid surprises with a complete 7-step sanction screening process, risk-calibrated search settings, and the lowest error rate in the industry
  • Get guaranteed success amid ever-changing requirements with a team of expert Compliance Analysts, an exhaustive review, and the most experience out of all providers

Even if You Think You’re Screening Frequently Enough, You Won’t Know of a Risk Until the Damage is Done – Unless You Get it Right

Consolidate exclusion screening for all your geographies, databases, and regulations for every employee, vendor, contractor, and volunteer into unified sanctions checking software to reduce your workload and keep all your data in one place. More importantly, make sure you have a partner who conducts a full and thorough process, helps you calibrate your risk exposure, and cares to do the job right.

Fully Customizable Training
Reduce you workload and keep all your data in one place

The Full SanctionCheck Process

Improve your protection and free up your team by selecting the sanction screening service that suits you. Our experts will complete the necessary steps quickly and thoroughly.

Automate Searches on Your Schedule

  • With adaptive intelligence built into every recurring search, SanctionCheck learns from your prior decisions to reduce errors and re-work with each new search
  • Automate your searches according to a schedule you can rely on so you never miss an update and only address changes that need your attention
  • Unlimited users, seamless external integrations, and Smart Teams © automations control sensitive access while keeping your users focused on what matters
  • Single source consolidation means your list gets searched against every relevant list every time – without extra work on your part
  • Built-in lean implementation principles mean data transfer and setup get done in as little as a single call and one week of configuration
Compliance programs that launch easier than a fundraising campaign
Powerful technology gives you leverage & clarity
Elegant simplicity for you, with comprehensive protection in the background

Fastest Turnaround Time in the Industry

  • Search, review, follow up, and everything else that’s needed to achieve a clean bill of health done for you, the right way, and on time
  • The fastest turnaround time in the industry and the lowest error rate means you can rely on SanctionCheck to get it done right without endless rescoping and list reviews
  • Simply put, clients who count on SanctionCheck service are shielded from risk with a multi-million dollar guarantee. Nobody else is going to give you the ActionCheck Guarantee

Have Confidence You’ll Be Ready

  • You know your team, vendors, and regulations will keep changing. With Ethico’s dedicated Account Manager and team of expert Compliance Analysts at your service, you have confidence you’ll be ready
  • Expert-guided setup gets you going faster and started sooner than any comparable system
  • Expert Compliance Analysts with deep experience handle the human-centric decisions according to your personalized risk calibration settings
  • Ethico’s better information and efficiently automated processes inform strategic decisions about personnel and risk mitigation, rather than burying you in details
  • With all-inclusive support, expert advice, and the implementation in the industry, you can demonstrate clear ROI while empowering your team with data
High-Quality Solution, Common Sense Pricing
Exclusion screening is complex, so let us guide you
Training & Communications
Don’t put up with a service that leaves you with all the work

Powerful & Elegant Search

  • Hundreds of databases are available for financial sanctions screening including SSDMF and state Medicaid lists
  • Multi-factor dynamic matching algorithm includes Alias Search for different versions of names in every search
  • Powerful and elegant search with simultaneous indexing across every selected database delivers you the fastest results to real-time reports so you can be done and move on.
  • Detailed audit record delivered through dynamic pre-loaded reports give you dashboard level overviews as well as date-, decision-, and field-level detail on demand transparency
  • Categorized determinations, primary source data enhancement, and reason notes pinpointed at the sanction pair level mean your service team is making decisions with information unavailable in any other provider’s system
  • Share, collaborate, discuss, and decide on exceptions from any device without constantly switching between programs

Maximize Visibility Into the Data You Rely On

  • Powerful settings meet fast implementation through a custom guided, highly refined agile implementation flow
  • Flexible data compilation and integration methods make compiling different departments and systems a breeze
  • Built to adapt and improve as you grow and refine, so you can consolidate new departments and lists effortlessly over time
  • Expert advice and ongoing Account Management collaboration make sure you’re not left on your own hoping you make the right calls
The Importance Of Screening Vendors
Fast & easy implementations are also part of our job