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Ethics & Compliance Optimization System.

Data Analytics & Reporting • Case Management Software • Omnichannel Issue Intake • Flexible Disclosure Forms • Incident Management • Sanction Monitoring • Awareness & Communications • Third Party Risk Management • Ethics Portal • Exit & Stay Interviews • HR & Compliance Training Library • Conflicts of Interest

Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting with highly configurable interview processes, expert staff, and in-depth reporting to ensure that every incident is properly documented and the safety of your workplace is constantly improving. With the same flexible approach as our issue intake, accessibility is prioritized so your team can spend more time solving problems and less time reporting them.


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Flexible Disclosures

Flexible Disclosures provide a simple, powerful way for businesses to maintain transparency, identify conflicts of interest, and aggregate important information from employee and vendor bases. Easily configurable forms can be created and distributed as well as reviewed, recorded, tracked, investigated, or escalated to focus on the real risks.


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Data Analytics

Data Analytics that provide you easily presentable, board-ready reports with one-touch scheduling that put the most relevant data first so you can demonstrate the value your program brings.


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Case Management Software

Case Management Software that consolidates employee reports, manages and improves investigations, accesses analytical insights, and focuses your team on the real risks with the visibility to actually streamline your process.


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Omnichannel Intake

Flexible Omnichannel issue intake allows your people to report sensitive issues in the most convenient way, all with an Adaptive Interview — flexible intake with branching logic and questions across all channels that gets you the right info to hit the ground running. Better discovery helps close your cases faster.


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Sanction Monitoring

Sanction Monitoring that has been honed to meet the highest standards. Access to hundreds of databases and customizable algorithms that focus on eliminating risky false negatives while removing guess work and saving valuable time.


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Exit Interviews & Pulse Surveys

Exit interviews & pulse surveys conducted by our highly trained experts provide an essential litmus test on the state of your organization’s culture. Highly configurable questions, inbound and outbound outreach, and interview incentives ensure that you’re hearing the honest truth about your organization from the people who know it best.


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Training that not only educates, but engages. Real-life situations, interactive scenarios, and gamification ensure the learning is both efficiently and effectively absorbed into the minds of your employees.


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The Ethics Portal

The Ethics Portal ensures that your workforce has easy access to critical documents and messages. It provides essential direction and displays your organization’s most important values in a single centralized location that can be updated to target specific risk areas.


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E V E R Y   T H U R S D A Y

People-focused GRC solutions that keep your needs in mind every day.

In a world dominated by product-focused solutions that leave the rest of the work to you, Ethico empowers the ethics and compliance professional with time-saving automation and impact-driving specificity to deliver the visibility and clarity to keep your people safe.

Working with Ethics Experts Every Day

By ensuring our compliance management systems are configurable and adaptive, and making certain we’re responsive, we’ve made friends across industries worldwide.
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We’ll Be on a Journey Together

Signing on the dotted line with Ethico is not the end of the conversation with us. Unlike others, we want to stay with you and ensure our corporate compliance solutions are working for you. Our teams will work with you, answering questions quickly and giving results. Ethico seeks long-term relationships with our clients. Feedback is encouraged.

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At Ethico, we are on a quest to justify the faith our customers have put in us every day.

Ethico C.A.R.E.S.

Our differentiator is service. We care, we provide support, and we live up to our promises.
Ethico CARES
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C is for Client-First
We put your needs first and focus on the long-term.
A is for Accountability
We are accountable for our actions and responsible for our impact.
R is for Responsiveness
Quick to respond to questions and to provide information or results.
E is for Excellence
Leading with quality solutions that are both sustainable and thoughtful.
S is for Servanthood
Selfless elevation of the needs of others and consistently meeting those needs.

Building a Stronger Ethics & Compliance Community

In the face of the many hurdles faced by E&C and HR professionals, we want to be a knowledge center and thought leader to supply you with a stream of distilled wisdom and specialized knowledge. Be certain to check out our blogs and resources such as the most recent annual Hotline and Investigation Management Benchmark Report.

Check out our monthly webinars for the chance to earn CE credits.

Here are some of our past webinars:
The Ethics Experts

Tune in to our podcast

Hosted by Ethico’s own co-CEOs, Nick and Giovanni Gallo, in which they interview experts in E&C, HR, legal, and culture.

Sherron and the Brothers Gallo speak about the role of whistleblowers and how the sort of retaliation and blackballing she faced after the Enron scandal is still happening to today’s whistleblowers. She talks about how internal audit needs to function and how whistleblowers are company loyalists.