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Rest easy. You care about your organization and things being done right. So do we. Common sense issue intake and integrated case management for all your GRC needs.

You Can’t Fight Risks You Don’t Know About

You either have an anonymous hotline because you need one or you want one. But implementing and managing a successful issue intake and case management system is difficult for many reasons:

  • If your employees don’t feel safe, they won’t use it to report the critical issues you need to know about.
  • Internal compliance teams are already understaffed and underfunded, so they don’t have the resources to handle issue intake and case management internally.
  • Most vendors outsource their hotline contact center to the lowest bidder! Who knows who your employees will be speaking with when they need to report an extremely sensitive issue?

Ethico Issue Intake & Case Management Gives Your Employees a Voice & Your Compliance Team the Information They Need to Succeed

You’re in Good Company with Ethico.

Some of the largest companies in the world (and some of the most responsible and ethical SMBs) depend on Ethico Issue Intake and Case Management

Genesis Healthcare
Kindred Healthcare
Johns Hopkins
Allina Health
Pruitt Health
Banner Health

1,000 Client Companies

1,253,935 Issues Reported

>2 Decades of Supporting Compliance Excellence

120 Countries


You Can’t Get This Anywhere Else

  • Responsive, personal service that helps you get the job done right
  • Flexible, easy configuration to fit your team, data needs, and culture
  • Fast, guided implementation to make your transition or upgrade painless
  • A deep focus on quality, because we care just like you do
  • Simple user interface, workflows, adjustments, and contracts so you can focus on managing your people instead of your vendor
We Care Just Like You Do
We Care Just Like You Do
Fully Customizable Training
Full Custom Implementation Support

Jump In & Get Better

  • Fastest implementation in the industry, in as little as 1-7 business days
  • Complete management of all vendor transitions, phone number transfers, etc.
  • Full support for international coverage, phone numbers, and regulatory restrictions
  • Custom guided implementation support from your dedicated Account Manager included
  • Cutting edge GRC Data Enhancement for HRIS, HRM, LMS and other system integrations

Unlocking the ROI Of E&C

  • Do you know the value you’re bringing to your organization? E&C and HR professionals are an underutilized strategic lever with an incredible impact on the bottom line of your organization.
  • The right program can not only defend your organization from risks and fines, but also unlock the potential value in every individual employee. 
  • Higher employee engagement is found in authentic, value-driven cultures. E&C and HR departments are uniquely positioned to drive this culture change and deliver valuable assets to their organizations.
  • Check out all the data in the ETHICSVERSE
Regency Integrated Health Services is a trustworthy management company for 57 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers across Texas. Regency Integrated Health Services were accepting compliance reports via a single office phone and the process lacked clear structure. They wanted to increase protection of elderly and vulnerable population, report Level 1 incidents quickly, and stay compliant with official guidelines.

EthicsVerse Webinar: Assessing Corporate Culture & Driving Speak Up Behaviors

  • Do people really Speak Up when they see something? The right culture will allow E&C departments to crowdsource risk management through their team.
  • 82% of those who speak up experience retaliation. With rates so high, encouraging a Speak Up culture also means instituting a Listen Up culture to ensure your team feels heard and appreciated.
  • A third party hotline, webform, or text option may make your employees feel safer sharing their issues and ideas, free from the fear of retaliation.
  • Check out the full show: Assessing Corporate Culture & Driving Speak Up Behaviors
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Webinar: Calculating, Understanding, Demonstrating, & Leveraging ROI

Speaking confidently on the ROI of your program is the key to unlocking trust, developing relationships, and increasing your budget so you have more tools to make the world a better workplace. 

Join our Co-CEOs Giovanni and Nick Gallo, as they reveal the secrets to using your ROI as a force for good.