Nonprofit Compliance Services

Robust and easy solutions for mission-driven organizations.

Non-Profit Compliance Case Study

A metropolitan aid foundation had grown passionately and efficiently to serve people struggling through poverty, joblessness, and mental health. They always prided themselves on the large impact they were able to support with a relatively small team. A very personal story of a family who was mistreated by a volunteer hit home and woke them up to the need for a more proper compliance program. It turns out, not everybody they worked with was as caring and professional as their team. They found Ethico who had worked with hundreds of organizations with similar problems and were able to overlay a system of reporting and transparency that helps them keep their mission on track and the people they serve safer.

Web & Digital Issue Reporting
Compliance programs that launch easier than a fundraising campaign

Compliance programs that launch easier than a fundraising campaign

  • Easily launch and manage a compliance transparency program without costly consultants
  • Rest assured that your people will be treated right and you will know when something concerning is reported
  • Flexible service levels allow you to leverage best-in-class technology and choose how much expert support you need
  • Fast, low hassle implementation and flexibility to adapt as you grow

Let us join you to fight for justice, safety, and the betterment of people in need

Start with a foundation of Issue Intake & Case Management with a 24/7 hotline and case management built right in.

Add web reporting, texting, and more when you’re ready. Integrate OIG sanction screening, international sanction lists, and VendorCheck services to make sure administrative funds are spent with partners donors would be proud of. Then get all your other compliance needs taken care of with the service and attention you give your own customers, with Ethico’s Training & Communication, Code of Conduct, Exit Interviews, and more

You fight every day to make the world better and to help people work past systemic, personal, and social roadblocks in their lives. But you know that it takes more than a desire to help in order to make a difference. Complex problems, managing employees and volunteers, limited budgets, and more mean you and your team need to do things right to achieve your mission. Ethico can help you understand what might be getting off track and help you get visibility on the right way to address it. We at Ethico live out our mission to make the world a better workplace by empowering caring leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to protect their people and keep their organization on track. As part of that, we’ve built our solutions so they make sense for small and large organizations who need to protect and promote a proper culture while preserving as much of their budget as possible for the people they serve.

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