Smarter Investigations

Compliance investigations are the white blood cells of your organization’s health. They fight infections like: corruption, harassment, legal liability, and worse. So why are so many investigation processes plagued by the same roadblocks? 

We understand managing dozens of hundreds of active investigations is massively time-consuming. Allow us to show you a better way with tools to prioritize your investigations without losing sight of the bigger picture.

More Than A Tip Line

The first step is always the hardest…so let us take it for you. Investigations start with a report, but our reports do more than just start the investigation. By taking good, substantive information at the time of the initial report, we drive case closure time down dramatically.

Traditional case closure time averages 42 days. But for our clients, they average 23.7 days. How? Trained issue intake specialists on our hotline use empathetic elicitation to make reporters feel heard, and gather all the essential details so you don’t have to suffer the label of insufficient information next to your cases.  And our investigative webforms can prompt follow up questions based on answers, and provide a clean, simple reporting format so you collect as much data as possible in a single report.

Telephone Hotline
Integrated Risk Management

Organized Oversight

Streamline your issue intake, reporting, and investigating. Save time with Ethico’s MyCM – case management software developed specifically for compliance officers. Aggregate all of your report data in one easy location, including case notes, reminders, cross-case linking, and shared document repositories. Automate case management by assigning case managers by a variety of custom conditions. Waste less time. Get more done.

Case By Case

Get your ideal investigation. From the initial report to the case closure, you can customize every part of the process to fit your needs. Specify your needs and let us do the rest.

CUSTOM HOTLINE DIRECTIVES: Specify follow-up questions, disclaimers, report writing,

ISSUE CATEGORIZATION: Customize report categories, reporter designations, prioritization, location details, and more.

CATEGORIZATION: Control report categories, severities, location details, and more. 

INVESTIGATIONS: Assign case managers, control workflow, oversight, investigation schedules, reminders, notes, event logs, and more.