Digital & Mobile Form Intake

Give your team every opportunity to speak up and they will. Digital and Mobile Form Intake provides your team with the means to report incidents, concerns, and potential risks to your company as soon as possible. If they feel heard, they will speak up, and with their support you can build your organization’s culture into something incredible.

In addition to traditional intake and hotline reporting methods, Digital Form Intake adds 10% to your total reports on average.

Don’t Wait For Disaster

Equip your team with the tools to succeed. Ethico is proactive, not reactive, Incident Reporting protocols contact the appropriate parties when they're most likely to engage, and provide your compliance team with critical data so they can address the risk with confidence.

Digital Reporting

Get more than just an email

Don’t rely on someone’s discretion. Our structured Incident Reports can be customized to your organization’s needs and ensure more information is gathered in less time.

Integrate best practices and focus on the reporter with adaptive, investigative questions

Customize the look, message, and category to fit your program’s goals and culture

Gather clean, accurate data with fully integrated case management

Load up your locations, categories, and more for powerfully integrated analytics

Reduce Patient & Organizational Risk​

Configured To Your Needs

Ethico’s Digital Form Intake solutions are highly customizable for every organization. Decide on the look and language of your reporting forms. Optimize your case management system, categories, and questions to focus efforts on specific initiatives or risks. 

Third party security allows for anonymous reporting and never tracks unwanted information. Get the full scope of your workplace with software that makes reporters feel safe.