Exit Interviews

A proper Exit Interview strategy will gather key intel on what issues might be plaguing your organization’s culture. Understanding why your departing employees are unsatisfied will provide actionable insights into how you can retain talent and attract more.

Become the company that they’re running towards, not away from.

Stay Interviews provide the same forum for your current workforce to discuss their current job satisfaction. Conducting regular Stay Interviews not only collects valuable data on your organization’s culture, but allows your staff to speak up about potential risks and cultural concerns before they develop into issues.

The Problem With Internal Exit Interviews

Ethico Exit Interviews collect as much data as possible and address each potential roadblock in the interview process, such as:


Dishonest Interview Answers

With a third party and empathetic interview process, departing employees are more honest, willing to share information and insights they wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with a previous employer or teammate.

Ignored Interviews

Ethico offers outbound interview calls to ensure that your departing employees have every opportunity to speak up.

Inexperienced Interviewers

Not sure what questions to ask? Our Exit Interviews are conducted by trained elicitation experts, specialized in HR and compliance issues. They’re uniquely qualified to elicit the most possible information.

Customize Your Exit Interview

Our Exit Interviews can be customized to address your concerns.

Custom Questions

Target specific pain points or risks by specifying your Exit Interview questions, both on the webform and over the phone.

Adaptive Interview

Don’t let integral data pass you by. Our specialists are trained in an adaptive interview process, ensuring thoughtful, information seeking responses that collect as much information from departing employees as possible.

HR/Compliance Flows

With custom workflows, send HR concerns directly to your HR team and E&C concerns straight to your compliance department. Get faster results with optimized workflows.

Outbound Calling

Instead of waiting for your departing employee to call us, we’ll call them. We can also provide inbound and webform options.

Omnichannel Approach

Our Exit Interviews can be conducted over the phone, in office, over text, and through webforms to ensure you’re getting the data you need.

Interview Incentives

To encourage participation, we can offer gift cards and other promotions to ensure that you’re getting as much data as possible.

Flagging For Rehire

At your request, our Exit Interview specialists will gauge how likely an employee is to return to their original position, encourage them to stay in their current role, and will flag employees who seem likely to return in the future.