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Small Businesses Compliance Case Study

A regional IT services provider with four locations had grown beyond the stage where it was okay to expect that all problems were handled properly at the frontline manager level. The owners and executive leaders had the same heart they always had, but realized they were several layers removed from the bulk of customer interactions. They still knew they were not at the scale where they can support a full-time 10-person compliance team to manage the different aspects of a professional compliance and ethics program. They found that Ethico could help them keep the heart and culture that had made them successful so far without blowing their budget on a solution meant for a larger enterprise – without stifling their creativity with unreasonably restrictive rules. With an integrated issue reporting, compliance management software, and sanction screening solution they were able to send strong cultural messages about the importance of proper behavior as well as implement some processes that made it easier to pass a policy and ethics review with the larger clients they had been pursuing.

Why Choose ComplianceLine
A Full Solution with Options

Choose, launch, and manage compliance without taking your eye off the ball

  • Easily launch and manage a compliance transparency program without costly consultants
  • Rest assured that your people will be treated right and you will know when something concerning is reported
  • Flexible service levels allow you to leverage best-in-class technology and choose how much expert support you need
  • Fast, low hassle implementation and flexibility to adapt as you grow

Compliance focused on people, not useless red tape

Start with a foundation of Issue Intake & Case Management with a 24/7 hotline and case management built right in.

Add web reporting, texting, and more when you’re ready. Then get all your other compliance needs taken care of with the service and attention you give your own customers, with Ethico’s Training & Communication, Code of Conduct, Exit Interviews, and more.

You compete with larger organizations for business and when on service, innovation, and a heart to care about your people and clients. As you’ve grown from a small Team all working in the same room you fight every year to make sure you don’t turn into A cold bureaucracy. To make sure your people and customers continue to be treated the way you want them to, you need a compliance solution that uncovers in addresses improper Behavior without burying your team in administrative work or costly all-in-one and everyone’s the same Solutions. compliance lines approach 2 midsize businesses allows you to quickly and efficiently leverage our Decades of experience with millions of employees so you can get what you need without losing sight of your real goal: Your people and your customers!

Compliance focused on people, not useless red tape

Switching Vendors Made Easy

Don't let the idea of switching case management vendors fill you with dread. Starting something new is manageable, which is what this guide does by breaking down the MyCM transition process into manageable steps.

Automated Monitoring with Adaptive Intelligence