Social Security Death Master File Screening

Identify threats hidden among your employees, vendors, and other partners by screening for exclusions and sanctions across millions of records at the push of a button.

Add valuable data to your screening program for better clarity and safety.

Set up well-guided or automated processes for new hires, annual cleanup, and monthly confirmation of compliance with Social Security standards.

Background Screening

Give your screening a boost with a cross check against the Social Security Death Master database.

A large regional insurer had grown by adding new products as well as by acquisition. It found that normal-course maintenance of minimum legal requirements left both inconsistent standards and disjointed processing throughout the organization.

To get his orientation, a new Compliance Director did a cursory check of employee review standards across several divisions and found some concerning vulnerabilities nobody had noticed before. As part of a comprehensive solution, the insurer decided to consolidate its screening of employees and affiliates to a single platform, as well as strengthen its approach with new hire and quarterly Death Master (SSDMF) checks.

In addition to finding several inaccurate or falsified Social Security numbers they had relied on previously, the new Compliance Director was able to drive successful adoption of a review process that continues to keep their people safe and the company out of trouble. A smooth implementation and a one-time cleanup of confusing processes helped the director to make a great impression in his first year and sent a strong message (to senior leadership and various acquired locations) that the company cared to do things right. It has now become part of the company culture to continually look for effective ways to improve compliance.

Hidden risks are out of your control. Clarify your process.

Enhance your exclusion screening with a secure and automatic comparison to the entire SSN Death Master List.

A SSN Death Master File check is a helpful enhancement to your exclusion screening program.

Few providers have the security, access, and knowledge to properly check and integrate the federal government social security death index into the broader process, but when you can implement this you’ll have a higher degree of confidence and reliability on your checks. By making sure that the people you partner with and serve are properly authorized (and not operating under a defunct social security number), you increase the reliability of your team and reduce the risk of fines and regulatory enforcement.

Fast, accurate check to make sure nobody is falsely using an invalid SSN.

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Automate your Social Security Death Master searches according to a schedule
Compliance focused on people, not useless red tape
Fastest turnaround time in the industry

Set up well guided or automated processes for new hires, annual cleanup, monthly confirmation.

Top notch security and encryption to keep your data safe.

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