Insurance Compliance Services

Powerful transparency for health, property & casualty, and personal & life insurance underwriters and agencies.

Insurance Services Compliance Case Study

A risk assessment team initiated a compliance review after seeing headlines about a similar insurer. While they had adopted a well-known global provider in the ethics & compliance space, the solution was overly generic for insurance-specific risks, poorly implemented, too expensive, and so poorly supported their compliance team got buried in administrative work rather that kept them from focusing on protecting their company and their members.

Ethico was able to transfer their existing reporting channels (toll free numbers, etc.), build automated workflows into their issue management system, and advise the risk and compliance teams on important benchmarks and practices. Over a few short months, they smoothly implemented a strategic compliance improvement plan with thoughtful guidance and the bandwidth gained from abandoning a care-less vendor. Now, executives and direct compliance leaders have more confidence they are doing what they should protect the trust of their members and stewarding the future of their network.

Background Screening

Dynamic solutions focused on preserving trust

  • Secure, dynamic solutions to support general compliance initiatives and specific underwriter and insurance sales regulations
  • Empower everyone on your team to identify and help correct potentially risky practices or damaging claim review behavior
  • Gain senior leadership visibility into field & branch activity
  • Drive a culture built upon integrity and transparency to promote the long-term health of your members and partner network
  • Specialized checks against OIG, OFAC, and other key exclusion lists for employees and vendors

Underwrite the success of your whole workforce with solutions tailored to your specific challenges

Prevent unnoticed losses with a platform of Issue Intake & Case Management to accept and compile reports of risks and compliance issues across hotline, online, in-office, and even text messaging.

Integrate OIG sanction screening, international sanction lists, and VendorCheck services to make sure your employees and partners don’t add risks to your total exposure.

After that, grow toward best in class performance by implementing science-backed Awareness Campaigns to build engagement with your employees, and Conflict of Interest forms to focus on key risk areas. If you’re ready, look to Ethico for engaging and memorable employee Training and Specialty Solutions for employee Exit Interviews, Diversity & Inclusivity initiatives, and full coverage CrisisLine Response services. Mitigate losses with a properly covered and professionally managed compliance transparency program. It can make the difference between a proactive risk mitigation investment and a public settlement that puts your member network at risk.

OIG Exclusion Monitoring