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Manufacturing Compliance Case Study

A diversified International manufacturer with 200 locations in over 80 countries needed a way to track inconsistently follow-up on risks and reported issues around the world. Ethico helped them audit and assess the right level of oversight and central office integration for each location and implement a multi-platform anonymous reporting structure that fit their budget and their risk priorities. The company was concerned that a transition and consolidation of their compliance reporting would be disruptive to the business, so they had been slow to action and upgrade to a single solution. With Ethico’s expertise and advice, they were able to successfully roll out an awareness campaign, case management coordinators, and sanction check across all their locations in less than one quarter. With this, not only were they better positioned to earn contracts with highly regulated and government customers, their leadership gained a new confidence that business was being conducted ethically and employees were treated properly across their hundreds of locations.

Third Party Risk Monitoring
Enterprise Compliance Training

You know what matters most, and we know how to help you with it

  • Engaging, integrated support for safety, OSHA, and other priorities
  • Robust configuration for multiple languages and offices around the world
  • Dynamic user management for all your team structures
  • Automated escalation and issue routing gets information reviewed and acted on faster
  • Strong privacy and security to address Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR, and other critical requirements
  • Responsive front-line service and comprehensive board-level reporting give everybody just what they need

Stay on track and ahead of your risks throughout your value chain and across every location

Start with a foundation of Issue Intake & Case Management to accept and compile reports of risks and compliance issues across hotline, online, in-office, and even text messaging.

Integrate OIG sanction screening, international sanction lists, and VendorCheck services to make sure your partners don’t bring new risks to your doorstep. Then look for new frontiers of compliance excellence with Awareness Campaigns to build engagement with your employees, and Ideation Lines to identify innovation from within your ranks. Finally, look to Ethico for employee training and Specialty Solutions for Exit Interviews with employees, Inclusivity initiatives, and CrisisLine Response coverage.

As your business grows so does the complexity of managing compliance across thousands of employees, but the potential for damaging risks to go undetected rises as well. To address the challenges of a large and growing enterprise you need a compliance platform that can scale to address your needs, as well as a partner with the experience and expertise to help you get the most out of it. With Ethico’s decades of serving millions of employees, we are particularly helpful in addressing (rather than adding to the complexities of) a diversified enterprise. From support for multiple languages and integration across information systems to strategic advice and executive-ready reports, Ethico offers the flexibility to configure to your needs and the clarity to deliver ROI and make things easier on your team.

Compliance in Industry, Manufacturing, & Technology

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