Use Smart Solutions to Effectively Handle Disclosures

Our global solution to handles disclosures for Travel & Entertainment, Gifts & Hospitality, and other potential Conflicts of Interest keep everything in one place to reduce risk in your organization and avoid negative financial and reputational impacts.

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A Cumbersome, Confusing, and Manual Disclosures Process isn’t Good for Anyone

Managing disclosures across your organization doesn’t have to be confusing or cumbersome. Our solution takes the pain out of the process.

  • Intuitive interface is easy to use and provides the info you want quickly
  • Automated disclosure routing lets you target the appropriate populations
  • Track progress and participation to uncover risks sooner
  • Rules-based workflows deliver the right questions to the right people automatically
  • Full custom analytics get you the info you need to benchmark your program and drive KPIs
Managing disclosures
Compliance Hotline Solutions

Spare The Hassle

COI and Gift, Travel, and Entertainment disclosure requirements are notoriously problematic. Eliminate the chase and automate the process so you waste less time while staying on top of your disclosures.

Reduce Your Risk while Increasing Your Clarity.

Track and monitor all your disclosures on an ongoing basis. All in one place.

Why are COIs so difficult?

  • COIs are one of the most slippery risks that a company can face, and can result in fines, lawsuits, and even jail time. How do you defend against such a broad risk?
  • Training and awareness is integral in reducing your COI risks. Ensuring you can identify and manage a COI is the first step towards COI security.
  • Check out the full show: On-Demand Masterclass: Managing Conflicts of Interest
Background Screening

Reduce Conflict of Interest Risk Effectively

Tracking disclosures and conflicts of interest is a complex problem especially when dissemination and retrieval is done manually. Our Disclosures Management solution lets you automate this process, target the right employee groups, and aggregate all your disclosures in one place, saving time and letting you focus on what you do best — managing the actual risks facing your organization.

Reduce Conflict of Interest Risk Effectively
Save time and focus on what you do best
Corporate Sanction Screenings
Drive better engagement by automating the process

Drive Better Engagement

A cumbersome disclosures process yields low participation and high abandonment rate, which can result in you spending your time ‘herding cats.’ Our tool drives better engagement by automating the process and making the disclosures process easy on your people.

Identify Issues Sooner

Siloed ethics and compliance processes and datapools lose opportunities for connections and trends to tell the real risk story. By correlating issues in your organization to disclosure information you can see around the curve and proactively protect your organization against risk.

Credential Screening & Monitoring
Proactively protect your organization against risk