Don’t wait to find out about an issue until it’s so big it’s a problem. Collect actionable data with proactive outreach that invites employees into the solution.

Get out of the reactionary dark with targeted employee questionnaires

You don’t have to be stuck guessing what violations are happening.
In between employee-driven voluntary reporting and the AI big data automated reports that never seem to live up to their claims, Ethico’s questionnaires help you efficiently engage with individual employees to glean invaluable information.
Assessing Corporate Culture and Driving Speak Up Behaviors

Make it easy for people with direct knowledge to inform you of what matters so you can take action

You know that a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy really just means you’ll be scrambling to fix a problem you find out about too late. But your team can’t take action unless you know about it. Ethico’s scalable tech-enabled questionnaires integrate directly with your case management platform and put the experiences of your employees to work for the good of the whole team!

  • Easily create, schedule, request, collaborate, and report on the unique information you need within a single platform.
  • Powerful tools make all your questionnaires easily managed by one person, or seamlessly coordinated across a collaboration team.
  • Launch pre-built templates based on best practices or customize everything from fields and recipients to messaging and follow-up.

Execute Issue Management Campaigns for Common Issues or Custom Priorities

Proactive and ongoing

  • Directly sample and solicit information from employees with the valuable information you need to take action
  • Keep a vigilant focus on service, regulatory, market intelligence, and quality issues via ongoing employee feedback
  • Schedule requests, track goals, and escalate issues without constant administrative drain
Save time and focus on what you do best
Exclusion/Sanction Screening & Monitoring
Drive better engagement by automating the process

Easy to launch and track

  • Choose from pre-built templates and launch a professional outreach campaign in days instead of months
  • Track total responses, summarize key findings, and dig deeper with expansive fields and follow up notes without bothersome coding and custom development
  • Review insightful analytics on engagement, data quality, and effectiveness to continuously improve your effectiveness

Powerfully specificity

  • Track respondent-level detail to stratify analytics by position, location, and more
  • Request structured and open-ended replies in data-rich fields for reports and follow up investigations
  • Address employee resistance and deliver culture-forward messaging on both ends of the process
Bring Everything Together
Proactively protect your organization against risk