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Work with the best. Never waste time talking to a vendor, partner, or third party who will put your organization at risk. Check every database and run ongoing sanction, exclusion, and license monitoring with a click of a mouse. Your reputation is as important to us as our own, that’s why we offer our $5 million ActionCheck guarantee.

The Lowest Error Rate In The Industry

The lowest error rate in the industry. The most experience of all competing sanction screening providers. Set your organization up for long-term, impactful partnerships by working with the best. Our state-of-the-art tools allow you to check all of the relevant databases once, while ensuring that all lists are up-to-the-minute accurate.

Assessing Corporate Culture & Driving Speak Up Behaviors
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Simplified Sanction Safety

Minimize false positives. Eliminate false negatives. Maximize ROI. Our simple, streamlined platform allows you to automatically check all relevant databases to find your ideal partner. Get consistent results amongst every changing regulations and guarantee your sanction success. Not enough? Work with our team of dedicated Account Managers and offload the entire job to us!

Work With The Best

Get everything you need to maximize ROI from partners, vendors, and other third-parties. 

  • Less Hassle: Simplified analytics, audit trails, and user management puts the power in your hands
  • Lowest Error Rate: Risk-calibrated search settings and a focus on Type II errors gives you the best results faster. 
  • Expert Analysts: Trained to satisfy the highest standards of the healthcare industry, Ethico’s have the most experience of all competing sanction screening providers. 
  • Fully Automated – Take control with our user friendly interface that puts you in control, or, let us handle the entire process and deliver you the best partners for you to select at your discretion.
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