Ethico CARES

Client-First, Accountability, Responsiveness, Excellence, Servanthood

Our Mission

Ethico is on a mission to make the world a better workplace by giving leaders who care actionable insight, tools, and services to mitigate risks, engage employees, and build strong cultures.

We believe people matter most of all, and the workplace must be a place where employees thrive, are protected, and make a difference in the community regardless of their background. As conscious members of our local and the global community, we improve the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of people through service to all our stakeholders by improving the justice of workplace environments and reducing pollution to the environment.

We proudly foster a socially aware culture inclusive of all perspectives where each member cares about what is going on in the world to impact coworkers, clients, and the worldwide community, through servanthood in four dimensions. By attracting and building up people who genuinely care about each other, we incorporate each unique employees’ ideas and contributions to do our best for our clients and every stakeholder. We foster empowered communication, candid feedback, and professional strengths to build socially responsible partnerships to improve the lives, environment, and communities of all we serve. Ethico believes that when caring change makers work together toward a noble goal, we can transform the future of the entire planet into a more just, compassionate, and transparent place for every person.

We believe people matter most of all

Managing disclosures

Our Vision

An integral component of an effective compliance program is the establishment of a reporting mechanism that provides employees with a means by which to voice their concerns on compliance and other regulatory issues without fear of retribution.

Ethico works with organizations to develop a calling process to “keep the door open,” while maintaining the caller’s anonymity.

Our services help fulfill the requirement of establishing and monitoring a hotline reporting mechanism and provides a comprehensive way for callers to anonymously follow the progress of reported issues.