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These world-class providers of software, tools, and services come with our highest recommendation and, moreover, allow you to be the master of your compliance suite: a comprehensive and coordinated exploration, contracting, and implementation process followed by seamless operational integration allow you to get the best tools for your needs without the hassle of maintaining separate systems, workflows, and audit trails.

Don’t settle for half-hearted, master-of-none platforms that promise everything and deliver just enough to keep you from enforcing your contract. Ethico partners offer focused expertise in their respective offerings and allow you to get the best tool for each job. Sub-par one-stop-shop monoliths are so 2004.

The job of compliance professionals is too important, and your time is too valuable, to settle for flimsy solutions that hardly talk to each other just because they’re sold under the same contract. The future allows you to get what you need within budget and without hassle. Join Ethico and our world class partners for a tailored solution with hassle free integration.

We’ll guide you through the rest!

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ComplyTrack™ (Issue and Action Management)

Securely track and manage issues and investigations across your enterprise

Achieve unprecedented visibility into specific, critical compliance issues. Proactively assess, communicate, and mitigate risk across your entire healthcare enterprise in the face of constant regulatory change with ComplyTrack™. Highly effective and configurable beyond the compliance departments and widely used in risk, privacy, patient safety, legal, hr, IT and internal audit departments.

Partner Integration: Issues reported to Ethico’s hotline are loaded into your ComplyTrack™ platform where you can view issues, track follow up, assign tasks, and give a response to callers (the latter of which can be delivered to e.g., anonymous callers who call back to the hotline).

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Compliance360 (Case Management)

Prevent, detect and respond to compliance risks. Create a culture of compliance and better business performance.

Reduce exposure to hidden compliance risk:  automate the collection of responses to conflict of interest disclosures . Identify early signs of misconduct: Automate gift and hospitality approval, monitoring and reporting. Investigate and improve employee behavior: Case manage incidents effectively across the business.

Partner Integration:  Issues reported to Ethico’s hotline are loaded into your C360 platform where you can view issues, track follow up, assign tasks, and give a response to callers (the latter of which can be delivered to e.g., anonymous callers who call back to the hotline).

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Protect your reputation and build a better workplace.

HR Acuity is the only technology platform specifically built for employee relations and investigations management. HR Acuity empowers clients with built-in intelligence, templates and reporting so they can conduct best practice, fair investigations; uncover trends and patterns through forward-looking data and analytics; and provide trusted, consistent experiences for their people. Our employee relations expertise helps you grow your business, improve organizational effectiveness, significantly reduce risk and protect your reputation.

Partner Integration:  HR Acuity and Ethico clients can take advantage of the configurable two-way data integration with Ethico. Through HR Acuity’s pre-built API connector, Ethico’s data connects in real time to your HR Acuity employee data, giving you a complete, real-time update of your employee issues. Your team can easily request updates or additional information to ensure that employee relations issues and investigations are resolved comprehensively and completely while delivering a trusted employee experience.

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Learnings & Entertainments (Compliance Communications)

A creative content provider made up of comedians and entertainers, L&E focuses on ethics, compliance and the importance of “Speaking Up.”

Short, entertaining communications that promote your program and resources in 60 seconds or less. Don’t just train, advertise your help and support!

Topics: Speak Up Reporting, Ethics Awareness, Code Awareness, Compliance, Conflicts & Gifts, Corruption & Bribery, Fraud, Privacy & Info Security, Workplace Respect & Other Workplace Behavior topics.

Partner Integration:  Integrate videos, images, and other messaging with the launch or refresh of your hotline, Compliance Week, compliance strategy refresh, or annual training (main or reminders).

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Compliance Manager (Case Management)

From incident monitoring to reporting and auditing, Compliance Manager has all the tools your compliance program requires.

Featuring a customizable workspace, AAPC-certified training, and real-time reporting, Compliance Manager will simplify your compliance challenges. So whether you’re training employees, conducting risk assessments, or investigating incidents, you can manage your entire program in one easy-to-use application.

Partner Integration:  Issues reported to Ethico’s hotline are loaded into your Compliance Manager platform where you can view issues, track follow up, assign tasks, and give a response to callers (the latter of which can be delivered to e.g., anonymous callers who call back to the hotline).

Add-on Services

SanctionCheck is an online searchable database for compliance officers, human resource managers, and anyone involved in the exclusion review process. SanctionCheck allows our clients to search for individuals or entities that have been sanctioned, disbarred or otherwise excluded from participation in federally funded health care programs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location throughout the world.

A reliable, quality, reporting system is integral in providing an effective compliance program. Ethico supports employees by providing a system to effectively voice concerns regarding potential misconduct on compliance concerns and other regulatory issues, free from fear of retribution, by assisting them with constructive independent means of identifying and resolving their concerns.

Ethico services tailor the calling process to “keep the door open” while maintaining the anonymity throughout the call back process. ( *All callers may elect to remain anonymous. )

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Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solutions is an award-winning leader in online compliance training. Launched in 2013 by a group of industry veterans, GRC Solutions aims to provide an innovative alternative to standard compliance training. We combine extensive compliance expertise with innovative technology solutions which empower compliance teams with the right tools to monitor & measure training effectiveness, at the same time educate your staff to do the right thing by your customers.

Our approach to training is different, agile and modern. We specialize in adaptive eLearning technologies, improving speed to competency and reducing mandatory training hours. Our Salt® training platforms have been built specifically to support compliance with robust reporting and deep data analytics.


CCI was specifically formed to assist health care providers throughout the country in determining and implementing the appropriate steps to take in response to the government’s mounting focus on fraud and abuse and increasing emphasis on compliance.


Initially, CCI was established to assist health care organizations of all types and sizes in designing, developing and implementing effective voluntary compliance programs, which allowed them the opportunity to create controlled environments that reinforced the given entity’s commitment to compliance. Our compliance program services afforded providers with a framework of compliance, thereby reducing the likelihood of errors or situations of non-compliance. CCI now serves virtually all types and sizes of health care providers, and has expanded its service offerings to include literally all aspects of Medicare and Medicaid compliance.

As the government (fortified by the Health Care Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) continues increasing its scrutiny of the healthcare industry it is imperative that all healthcare providers implement an effective and efficient compliance program. We at Compliance Concepts, Inc. can design and implement a compliance program which will help correct the problems of today and eliminate the pitfalls of the future.


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