Building a Culture of Integrity and Speaking Up: The Strategic Benefits of Encouraging Psychological Safety

December 15, 2022

What does a culture actually do? How do dozens of intangible behaviors have an impact on the metrics of your business? The results speak for themselves. 86% of job seekers avoid organizations with poor cultural reputations. Millennials and Gen Z workers list culture as one of their top priorities in a workplace. 62% of people quit because they, “don’t believe in their company’s mission”.

A poor culture increases turnover and employee disengagement, which directly damages the bottom line. BUT… the right culture can attract high caliber talent and create a more productive workplace. Not only does this maximize your ROI, it creates a workplace you’re excited to come to every morning.

Understand the needs of your team and you’ll understand the needs of your business. Create a culture that allows your team to bring their A-game to work.

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