Mitigating Risk With Negotiation: How E&C And HR Professionals Can Talk Their Way To A Healthier Workplace

December 19, 2022

In business, negotiation is often viewed as a trait that comes naturally to some and requires a great deal of confidence and skill from others. Successful negotiation relies on a beneficial working relationship involving trust and effective communication. Elements of negotiation can be incorporated into every conversation to create a more reliable network within your team that encourages collaboration. To make the world a better workplace, you need the support of your entire organization. Negotiate your way to the future of work and leverage the positive externalities of your program to garner authentic support.

Sister Diamonds Co-CEOs, Founders and Entrepreneurs Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach are a dynamic duo empowering others to unbind and unleash their unlimited potential in business and relationships. Their programming ranges from personal, professional and entrepreneurial development. Both accomplished professionals are award-winning and best-selling authors who come armed with a unique perspective on success.


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