ComplianceLine Rebrands as Ethico

Client-First, Accountability, Responsiveness, Excellence, Servanthood

The era of Compliance 3.0 is here

The old-school stigmas surrounding E&C are finally being overshadowed by the necessity for ethical workplaces, the cultural shift towards empathy, and the incredible work of our peers in the industry. 

To meet the challenges of the Great Resignation, the Generational Shift, and the hundreds of other factors pushing organizations to better themselves, ComplianceLine, and the industry itself, must evolve.

Enter Ethico.


With our rebrand to Ethico, we are fully embracing the incoming change, and ensuring that we grow with our clients’ needs. Ethico better represents our vast suite of ethics, compliance, and HR solutions, all designed to put power into the hands of the people who care most about their employees, their peers, and their organizations. With innovative technology, experienced experts, and an empathetic approach, we’re streamlining risk management so that the ethical champions in every organization can spend more time on what matters. 

As Ethico, not only will we continue to provide unparalleled solutions, but we’re also continuing to serve our community by building our library of resources for professionals of all kinds to educate their team, impact change, or just connect with our network of industry experts.

The era of Ethico is here.